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Butcher Distributors stocks over 2500 different parts and supplies to meet your needs. We also have access to over 100,000 additional Trane parts.
Remember, you get a scratch off card with every parts or supplies purchase.  Win gift cards to restaurants, sporting goods store or Trane merchandise.
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This part of our website is being updated.  Please check back for the complete list and vendor links.
We carry two lines of driers; Alco as our premium brand and Parker as our value line.  We have in stock liquid line, suction line, pancake driers, heat pump driers and spun copper driers.
We stock Air Mates grilles and registers.  Our stock includes 140 3 way, 160 2 way, E200VM 2 way curved blade, A601HM 1 way curved blade, A603M 3 way curved blade, A604M 4 way curved blade, 170FF return air grille with filter frame.  We also have commercial grilles; Tbar Lay-in from 6" to 14", Tbar ceiling dampers from 6" - 14" and a 24 x 24 Tbar return air with filter frame.
We stock 40% pleated filters in 1" and 2".  We have over 20 different sizes but can order any size you need.
We stock sheet metal supplies from two different vendors; McDaniel Metals and J & D Sheet Metal
Our stock includes emergency drain pans, pan/platforms for AHU and a folding pan/platform for furances and coils, transitions, supply and return plenums.
Mueller supplies our insulated line sets and copper fittings.  We also carry roll copper from several different vendors.
Caulk- white, aluminum, clear
Mastic- Air Seal #33 (gal), Shur-Tape 2" and 3" mastic tape
Foam tape and spray
3M Electrical Tape
Duct Tape- grey and black
Metal Tape
Gaffers Tape
Foil tape and UL Listed Foil tape
Fisker Tape
We stock Nu-Calgon's 1# and 2# Flush as well and the Pro-Flush Kits and Solvent.
Ritchie Yellow Jacket manifolds for R22, R410 and dual, with and without hoses.
Ritchie Yellow Jacket hoses sold separately or as a set, 36" and 60".
Ritchie Yellow Jacket replacement gauges for R22 and R410 manifolds.
Refco DigiMon digital dual refrigerant manifold set with hoses.
Of course, we carry Trane's TCONT lines of Comfort Controls but we also carry several lines of universal thermostats.
Service First- Trane's brand of a builder's model thermostat available in cooling or heat pump.
Bussman fuses are stocked in many different amps and styles.  We have FRN, MDL, ATC and GMQ.  We also carry fuse holders.
We have whips available in 1/2" x 4', 1/2" x 6', 3/4" x 4', 3/4" x 6' in metal and non-metal fittings. 
Wire is stocked in 18/2, 18/3, 18/4, 18/5, 18/6, 18/8, 18/10 and plenum rated wire.
Pumps- we stocked pumps from DiversiTech and Little Giant.  Little Giant pumps are in 115v and 230v in a variety of sizes.  The DiversiTech pumps we carry are the new Clear-Vue, self cleaning pump and the CP-22T pump with tubing.
Switches- we have the SS1 and SS3 Safe-T-Switches, Little Giant safety switches,



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